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Dog Grooming
We offer a wide range of grooming services

Because we care as much as you 

We work on a one to one basis, or as a general salon and we are happy to groom most breeds of dog.
If your dog is nervous, anxious or dog aggressive, then being on their own with no pressure, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere helps to encourage acceptance of the grooming process.
  1. Bath and Brush Out
    A warm bath, dry and brush through, nail clip and ear clean. Perfect for fluffy coats in-between full grooms, or just a refresh
  2. The Full Works
    Full bath, dry, and trim to either breed standard or agreed pet / alternative trim
  3. De-Shed Treatment
    Does your dog leave hair all over the floor, bed, sofa, or your clothes? We offer a bath and de-shed treatment - perfect for those short haired breeds such as Labradors and Staffordshire Bull Terriers We can help to reduce the amount of hair in your house!!
  4. Hand-Strip
    This is suitable for breeds traditionally hand stripped to preserve the quality and condition of wire or silky coats. Due to the nature of hand stripping, a bath may not be included.
  5. Nail trim
    We are happy to clip your dog's nails either in between grooms, or to get them to a manageable length. Some dogs are not happy with this, and are never forced or held down. We are more than happy to work with you to help your dog to overcome the fear of having paws and nails touched.
  6. Free Puppy Intro
    Suitable for puppies that have completed their initial vaccinations, to get them used to the grooming environment, and some of the equipment used. Treats and playtime is compulsory! Time approx. 30mins. From 12wks of age.

A deposit is required to secure bookings.

Small Dogs
Westies, Cairn Terriers,, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso etc.
Starting from £35.00

Medium Dogs
English Springer Spaniel, Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, etc. 
Starting from £38.00

Large Dogs
Golden Retriever, SH German Shepherd, Bearded Collie etc.
Starting from £45.00 or charged at £30 per hour.

Doodle/Poodle Crosses
Small from £40  Med from £45, Large from £55

Nail Clipping
£7.00 for all breeds. Or included in full groom price.

Bath And Deshed:
Prices Start from £20.00 (dependent on size of dog).

These are NOT specific prices, these are a guideline to the size of each dog. 
Prices are dependent on the grooming schedule, coat condition and temperament of the dog.
Flea treatment and de-matting may incur additional costs.

We are pleased to announce we now accept card payments or paypal.